What to Expect

GBT is a growing, thriving body of believers who are passionate about living for Christ! Whether 6 or 60 years of age, our members are active Kingdom builders who understand that God loves each of us and has filled our lives with purpose. Though our weekly attendance exceeds one thousand worshippers, we consider ourselves a growing family and each individual as our own brother or sister.

At GBT, learning is a key component of discipleship. Knowledge is power, and every believer has a right to walk in the fullness of the power of the Holy Spirit. The Bible encourages us to grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord, and that happens every time we come together to learn more about him. Through individualized courses, group classes and general studies our members are afforded a diverse curriculum of weekly Bible teachings that inspire deeper revelations and intense personal growth.

There’s something extra special about worshipping in an atmosphere where the presence of God is expected to manifest. At GBT, we believe worship is more than following a program or performing a scripted ceremony. Since the Spirit of the Lord brings liberty, we believe worshippers should be free to express themselves as part of an intimate relationship with God. Through live music, song and dance our worship goes beyond the traditional, giving way to expressions of joy and reverence through praise, tears, lifted hands, speaking in tongues, running, leaping, laughter and more!

Serving is an integral part of life at GBT. Through our missions we routinely provide meals to the hungry within the community and assist poor individuals and families with clothing and groceries on a weekly basis. With over 60 distinct ministries, there’s something for everyone to do, including outreach to college students, tutoring for school-aged children, prison ministries, counseling and substance abuse ministries, outreach to senior citizens, scholarships, summer camps, blood drives, health screenings and seminars, financial planning courses, children ministries and hospital visitation.